Fragmentation by Unity?

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But the Fragmentation?

Yes, Unity is one more variation of unix desktops. We again have one more "lone rider" who thinks his is the best way of doing things. So what? The basis of Unity will still be GNOME and therefor GTK apps will continue to run just fine on it. Remember, it is just a shell, it's no completely new desktop environment or "ecosystem".

As I have stated before I generally applaud the opinion of the Ubuntu team that "we are just as good as the others" is no longer good enough for Linux on the desktop. It should march onward in making computing better in a more general way and have some real "sweet spots" against the competition.

Other people may have other views that I have. Mine is mainly based on the opinion that desktop computing is actually quite flawed today and has still vast room for improvement. I always thought that our windows management paradigma is flawed just from the day I first saw a Windows 3.1 Desktop. It is just not used the intended way. Most people only see maximized windows their whole computing time over because arranging windows is just too tedious and offers no real use-case based functions.

I think file management is flawed in many ways. We confuse users with different views and roots of file system folders dependent on the app you're looking from. We force them to use one-dimensional folder organisation to store their data files with little to no metadata information on it. That in a time where cloud-based services offer all the benefits of database-like content organisation.

We fail to offer our users the right files directly "in their face" on the desktop. Where we try this we end with weak functionality like "Recently used documents", only filled by half of our apps, non-categorized and therefor nearly unused.

We still have some way to go. I'm not saying that Ubuntu and Unity will reach all these goals, it is way too early to judge that. I'm just arguing that change is good and I therefor am very looking forward to this new attempt.

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